Laminate Flooring

laminate flooring

Are you a new home owner, eager to start your refreshing journey with a impeccably designed and well styled home interior? Well, if so, then it’s really high time that you start getting down to planning out the colour and schemes that you’d like for your new abode, as well as the sort of furniture that you’d absolutely love to adorn your home. Lastly, consider the type of flooring that you wish to get for your home! Are you one of those straight-laced traditional sort that envisions vintage ceramic tiles to be the perfect solution to all house flooring woes? Or perhaps, you’d like to buy in on the new-age trend, and get some gorgeous laminate flooring to adorn your home instead?

Well, no matter what sort of flooring you’re inclined towards, this article shall tell you more about the various advantages that laminate flooring can bring to you – the nervous virgin home owner who’s just beginning his wonderful journey of crafting his own personal home! Regardless of whether you believe yourself to be traditional or modern, laminate flooring is certainly the timeless flooring option that will ensure that your home decor never goes out of style!

Laminate Flooring

Add a stylish edge to your home with the right laminate flooring

Don’t we all dreams of having the most perfect stylish and spacious home to return to after a tiring day at work? Well, with laminate flooring, you’re certainly one step closer to making your dream home a reality!

Laminate wood flooring come in a variety of colours and patterns, and regardless of which design you ultimately opt for, you absolutely have our word that your laminate flooring will give your home an instant oomph of style and sophistication!

No matter if you’re gunning for a country chic home aesthetic, or even a minimalist home design complete with wide open spaces and furniture arranged strategically, the versatile nature of laminate flooring certainly ensures that your home will look a hundred times more amazing with such flooring designs in place.

Don’t believe us? Given their sleek appearance, laminate wood are the perfect wood flooring option if your aim is to build up a gorgeous home from scratch. Surely, it’s the dream of every home owner to have the perfect home! Why not jump in on this wagon, and install some vinyl flooring for your home today! You have our word that you most certainly won’t regret your decision. If anything, this could potentially make the best house design decision for the year!

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Functionality – perfect for the fuss free home

For the home owners who desperately seek shelter from their busy work lives in their homes, you’ll definitely be pleased to know that laminate flooring pricing are the best in terms of budget.

Laminated flooring is absolutely easy to install. In fact, you can even do it yourself (shush, that’s a secret just between you and me). However, while they may be easy to install, it certainly requires a great deal of care and attention to put on the laminate flooring perfectly without any hitches. And perhaps, this is the very reason why most home owners simply turn to laminate flooring contractors for installation – both for convenience and assurance!

Furthermore, laminate flooring are extremely easy to maintain! If you’re worried about hideous water stains or termites infestations in your flooring, it truly brings us great joy to announce that laminate flooring now comes in waterproof forms. Yes, let’s hear it – “hip hip hurray!”

As most home owners would understand, unnecessary water and moisture can cause undue woes when it comes to our homes. After all, for homes laden with wooden flooring, the slightest bit of moisture may introduce hideous water spots to the texture of the flooring. In worst cases, termites might even decide to create a new home under your very feet, causing tear and wear to your flooring, not to mention terrible holes in your floors that appear worn out and used. Yikes! Surely you wouldn’t want your new home of just a year old to land in such a sorry state. Think of the immense repair costs, as well as the potential looks of disdain on your guests as they uncover such hideous flooring in your home. If aesthetic isn’t enough reason to switch over to laminate flooring, we sure believe that their proven functionality provides sufficient logic to fully make the jump indeed!

With the waterproof forms of laminate wood flooring such as vinyl flooring, you can now skip these woes and worries entirely! Fuss free? Yes, we would certainly say so!

Well, what are you waiting for? Call up your trusty local laminate flooring contractor today for some quotes, and let’s get started on creating your perfect home with the very first step – installing some awesome laminate flooring to lay the foreground for a stylish home!

Laminated Flooring

Laminated Flooring

Deciding on the type of laminated flooring to get for your home can prove a particularly tricky affair. After all, one wrong move, one impulsive mistake, and one reckless decision can easily subject you to living with terrible floors which are absolute hell to maintain.

Well, we know this dilemma. In fact, we understand this conflict almost entirely too well. Guess what? You’re absolutely not alone in the predicament of deciding on the best floors for your home. No worries! This article is here to help. If you’re finding yourself stranded between two rocks – namely laminated flooring or ceramic tiling for your home, then let us break the two different types of flooring down for you, and help you to make a more effective decision.

Be warned though, we’re very much inclined towards laminated flooring. In fact, as you read on, you’ll certainly come to see the various reasons for our predisposition. Intrigued? Well, don’t let us stop you; keep on reading to find out more!

Laminated flooring

First of all, let’s start off with brief introduction to laminated flooring. Laminate wood flooring, commonly referred to as the floating wood tile, is a new form of synthetic flooring that has emerged in flooring markets in the past decade.

Laminated flooring is characterised by multiple layers of man-made materials, including a photographic layer with patterns of your choice. In fact, laminated flooring comes in various forms of designs and vinyl flooring, and is not merely limited to laminate wood flooring, contrary to popular belief. If you’d like laminated flooring of stone design, well you’d certainly be delighted to know that yes – they absolutely exist in the market! You name it, they have it! After all, given that the design of such laminated flooring is attributed to that photographic layer, laminate flooring can easily be mass produced in various sorts of designs for your fancy.

Ceramic tiling

Ceramic tiles are also frequently referred to as homogeneous tiles in Singapore. If you’ve been hankering after a home affixed with ceramic tiles, surely you’d be delighted to find out that ceramic tiling’s quite the popular choice. Or well, at least, it was twenty years ago. No matter, ceramic tiles have endured the test of time and are still widely sold in the markets today despite the rise of a variety of flooring alternatives in the 21st century!

Ceramic tiles, as their names would suggest, are well, made of ceramic (duh). These ceramic tiles are typically glazed to ensure more durable use for daily wear as flooring components. They come in a large assortment of sizes to cater to the needs of various customers. If you’d like a vintage finish to your home, you can opt for tinier ceramic tiles to form mosaics. On the other hand, if you’re a jet setting millennial, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t install ceramic tiles in your home either – simply opt for larger tile designs for a more style-savvy home aesthetic.

Well, now let’s proceed on to the comparisons between laminated flooring and ceramic tiling. Hopefully, with this guide, you’ll be in a much better position to decide between the two types of flooring, and attain the functional home of your dreams.

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Factor 1: Cost

If your financial strings are a little tight, then perhaps it would be best to opt for laminated flooring. After all, laminated floors can be easily mass-produced due to its synthetic, man-made nature, and are certainly much easier on the wallet than ceramic tiles.

Furthermore, when it comes to the installation of ceramic tiles, your flooring contractor would most probably opt to hack off your existing flooring to ensure a flatter surface, given that ceramic tiles are made of rather thick materials on their own. Without hacking off the existing floors, installing ceramic tiles on top of such existing flooring would only serve to raise the floor height, and this might potentially make it difficult for your doors to be closed. Uh oh! That’ll be additional costs on the bill to get part of your doors filed off for ease of closure. Before you know it, you’d have spent a bomb on just getting your home floors done!

On the other hand, laminate flooring can easily be affixed atop of your existing flooring as they are rather thin in width, and such installation would not affect the height of your floors significantly.

Cheap and functional for laminate flooring pricing.

Factor 2: Staining

Do you happen to own pets in your home? Well, if so, then laminated flooring is once again the prime selection for your flooring options!

Given that laminated flooring is made of man-made materials, they are typically stain-resistant in nature, and any accidental spills will be easy to clean up without leaving any residual stains behind on your floors.

In stark contrast, ceramic flooring has a tendency to get stained easily. It would be a nightmare trying to rub off those stubborn urine stains left behind by a pesky pet indeed!