Wood Flooring

Wood Flooring

If you are a new home owner, surely you must be worrying over the type of wood flooring that you ought to use for your house! Indeed, given the sheer array of choices available in the market, the decision of which type of wood flooring to use for your house can truly be a perplexing one to make. If you are still undecided, perhaps you might wish to take laminate flooring into consideration.

Laminate flooring is all the rage these days – in fact, they have become so widely popular that you can see laminate wood in the majority of residential homes, in offices, and even in retail shop fronts!

This is of course, not without reason.

Laminate flooring refers to a type of synthetic flooring creation which is construed in several layers attached together. It typically consists of specially designed layers which help to resist distortion of the flooring, and provide durability. Furthermore, even though most laminate wood flooring give the visual of a wood flooring, they are in fact, more sturdy and resilient than typical wood! Much unlike traditional wood flooring which is easily susceptible to water damage, vinyl flooring is typically more waterproof, and does not allow moisture to seep in as easily. In addition, while termite attacks might be pervasive with authentic wood, laminated flooring offers you the homely aesthetic of wood floors in your home without having to worry about calling in the pest busters on a regular basis!

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Laminate flooring often comes in varying patterns that simulate wood, stone, and even metal – based on your individual preferences. If you’re a huge fan of following the latest home decor trends, you can opt for the latest laminate flooring design for a stylish home. On the other hand, if you have a thing for the quirky and original, why not try alternative patterns such as laminated graphite or metal? Certainly, choosing a wood flooring layout is indeed a crucial step in creating a polished and unique aesthetic for your home or office! Given the extensive diversity of patterns and styles of laminated flooring, you will definitely be able to find a suitable laminated flooring design that complements your wall decor and your carpentry perfectly, and provide you with the home layout of your dreams!

Another reason why you ought to choose laminate flooring for your home would be its sheer affordability. Unlike natural wood flooring or stone flooring, laminate flooring pricing is certainly a more affordable option given its man-made, synthetic nature. In addition, given recent developments in laminated flooring technology, the prints in laminate flooring can be modified and designed to look so authentic that it may be difficult for the untrained eye to spot the differences between laminated wood flooring and genuine hardwood flooring! Why pay more for natural materials, when you can achieve the same look and feel with laminated flooring, but at a less hefty price tag?

In addition, laminated flooring is remarkably easy to maintain! If you intend to add a toddler or two to your home, laminated flooring would certainly be a wise choice to make for your flooring decisions. Having children in your home would most likely equate to frequent spills and messes that have to be cleaned up. As such, laminated flooring are absolutely children-friendly! Water spillages can be easily wiped up and mopped away, without the constant worry of water damage to your laminated tiles, as most new brands of wood flooring come with a handy coat of water protection. However, you should also take note to clean up liquids as soon as possible, as if left unattended for long, the moisture could eventually seep in and cause unsightly swells in your flooring.

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For day-to-day care, wood flooring can be swept regularly to remove any dust or sand particles which might otherwise scratch at the laminated surface and cause visible, unpleasant marks and scuffs. A good floor cleansing with a handy mop and some detergent every one or two weeks can also help to keep your laminate flooring in prime state.

To ensure that your set of flooring is able to last long in its optimum condition, make sure to add furniture protectors to any sharp edges that come into constant contact with the floors. Leg socks for heavy chairs or couches can be easily purchased from general stores, and will come in handy for protecting your new laminated flooring from any dangerous furniture edges. Any grazes of sharp edges from furniture against your floor could potentially result in scratches or marks forming on your laminate flooring. This would give your flooring a very worn out and rugged impression – certainly not ideal if you have guests over frequently. Not to mention, if the water resistance layer of your laminated flooring has been scratched, it would become terrifyingly easy for any spillages to seep in and damage your floors. Save yourself from this potential situation, and simply get some furniture casters – only a small price to pay to maintain the gorgeous aesthetic of your newest home!