Laminate Floor

laminate floor

1. Clean laminate floor regularly for dirt removal

To start off, you will require either a dry dust mop, or a vacuum cleaner. Avoid using a broom as the stiff ends of the broom might damage and cause scratches on the laminate floor. This is of particular concern if your home is equipped with basic laminate floor which lacks an additional layer of scratch-resistance to shield it from such sharp elements.

Using a dry dust mop is able to effectively remove dirt from the floor as it prevents particles from being left behind. If you choose to use a vacuum cleaner, attach a soft brush attachment before starting to clean to prevent unwanted scratches on your laminate wood. Do this once every few days and your laminate floor will be free of dirt!

Ah, but be warned: simple vacuum cleaning and mopping will not be able to rid your floors of those pesky disease-laden germs and bacteria! You’ll have to go one step deeper in your cleaning if you want to create a home that is truly safe for your toddler to explore and crawl about. Now, refer to the second point for more on how to keep your laminate floor germ-free!

2. Steam clean to remove germs

You know toddlers, always crawling around and gnawing at their thumbs. Sure, it certainly is quite the adorable sight, but it’s really not that cute when they start shoving their hands into their mouths and ingesting all the germs that you have on your unclean laminate wood flooring! When it comes to this, it’s certainly too late for a sheepish “oops I forgot to clean the floors”!

Indeed, it would certainly be a nightmare if your laminate floor isn’t cleaned thoroughly to remove germs and bacteria on the microscopic level, as your toddlers could easily ingest such stray germs unwittingly and fall terribly ill. Oh no!

To avoid such a frightening outcome, invest in a good steam cleaner, equipped with anti-bacterial or anti-germs functions to ensure that your vinyl flooring is regularly sterilized. Steam cleaners are particularly handy for removing such awful germs as the high temperatures of the steam helps to kill and eliminate any micro organisms, preventing them from proliferating rapidly and infecting your home.

3. Preventive Measures

Aside from the routine cleaning of your laminate floor, you might want to consider taking up certain precautions to care for your laminate flooring and keep it looking good as new. Clean up any spills any soon as possible! Typically, a cloth or a sponge will do just fine. Prevention is most certainly better than cure! Don’t procrastinate when it comes to spills. After all, you never know when a milk spill might potentially turn into a major stain disaster in mere minutes!

For the pet lovers out there, keep a look out for your pets’ water bowl. You will not want it to be toppled over and left there to dry on its own. Keep your pets’ nails short to prevent any scratching on your laminated floor. We know, we know; it’s a real chore getting those pets to stay still for a minute, but this is oh-so-essential if you wish to keep your home in optimum condition, and maintain your laminate flooring pricing. Note: scratching is particularly common for cats, so home owners with cats at home, you’ll have to take extra care when it comes to precaution!

For furniture, you can use felt pads under the legs of the furniture. While shifting furniture from place to place, lift them up instead of dragging or sliding them. In doing so, you’ll be able to drastically reduce the chances of your laminate floor getting scratched by sharp or pointy edges on your furniture.

4. Removing Stains

Although laminate floor is designed to be durable and is protected against most stains, there are some particularly stubborn stains that refuse to budge. For example, you may be polishing your shoe on the floor one fine day, only to accidentally stain the wood flooring with shoe polish! As we all know, shoe polish is very hard to remove off any surface. But wait! Before the panic sets in, and you frantically grab a cloth to rub out the stain only to have the splotch spread out, keep calm and grab some alcohol solution! All you simply need to do is to dab your cloth in some alcohol, and rub against the shoe polish and it should come off with ease. In fact, this handy method can be applied to other stains such as nail polish as well!