Laminate Wood Flooring

laminate wood flooring

So you’ve finally settled laminate wood flooring into the home of your dreams after months of housing paperwork and ceaseless noisy renovations. As you find yourself relishing in the comfort of the home that you’ve painstakingly built from scratch, you’re beginning to realize that you may have let down your guard a little too much.

The final straw that shines light on how far your wariness has slipped comes in as you spill a glassful of orange juice on that shiny new laminate wood flooring by accident. As you panic and attempt to mop up the mess in haste, you realize with much chagrin that you’ve scratched your new laminate wood flooring in this moment of anxiety.

Well, what many new home owners begin to realize as they settle into their new homes is that many laminate wood flooring contractors don’t actually bother to provide a list of ‘do’s and ‘don’t’s when it comes to those new vinyl flooring, and novices like yourselves are left lamenting the ugly scratches on their new flooring after a cleaning mistake.

Fear not! This article shall serve as a quick guide on how you can best care for your laminate wood flooring. We know how precious your homes can be to you, and we want to help! Preserve your home in its optimum, intact condition by following these quick maintenance tips on laminate wood, and you have our word that your laminate wood flooring will appear just like brand new laminate flooring installation even after a year or two! Intrigued yet? Read on for more!

Use brooms and mops with soft bristles when cleaning your floors

One of the most common causes of scratches on your new laminate flooring pricing would be the use of brooms or mops with harsh bristles or metal edges that simply do not go well with such wood flooring.

Given that laminate wood flooring is made of a synthetic blend of materials including plastic, they certainly don’t take well to sharp edges such as thick, inflexible bristles or gristly metal edges that merely suffice to cause abrasions on the surface of your flooring and result in the emergence of gnarly scratches.

Don’t let your laminate wood flooring suffer such undue pain! Always opt for brooms with soft bristles, and ensure that your mop do not come with sharp metal edges that might possibly carve out a scratch – or several – on the surface of your laminate flooring. After all, prevention is most certainly better than cure. Don’t be left simpering in regret over the hideous scratches on your laminate flooring after using the wrong mop. It’s certainly a poor price to pay for such an innocent mistake, no?

Vacuum cleaners are your new best friends

When it comes to the maintenance of your laminate wood flooring, you’ll soon come to realize that vacuum cleaners are of great use. In fact, they’re so remarkably handy in cleaning those laminate flooring pricing that they may even become your new best friends in time to come. Of course, we kid – we’re not quite expecting you to make friends with inanimate objects just yet, but believe us when we say that vacuum cleaners do indeed work wonders in cleaning and maintaining your laminate wood flooring.

Given that vinyl flooring is made of synthetic material, vacuum cleaners are indeed handy in removing stray dirt and dust from the confines of your home. In fact, if you have some extra cash to spare, why not invest in a steam vacuum cleaner instead? If your laminate wood flooring could speak, they’d be thanking you ceaselessly for purchasing those incredible inventions!

Steam cleaning is ideal for homes with laminate wood flooring as the high temperatures of the steam help to eliminate bacteria and other ill-meaning germs. This is particularly important in homes with active toddlers or children who basically make it their life goal to crawl all over the home, and dare we say it – furtively lick at odd edges in your home! By running a steam vacuum cleaner through the perimeters of your laminate wood flooring, you’ll achieve the dual objective of eliminating dust and dirt from your home, along with those pesky micro-organisms and dastardly germs!

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Clean up spillages and stains with the careful use of chemicals

In ensuring that your laminate wood flooring remains stain-free throughout the entire duration of your stay, the use of some chemicals may in fact be necessary to remove these pesky stains.

We know, we know – you have toddlers around, chemical cleaning may not be the best approach in floor maintenance. After all, it would be terrible if your toddler decides to crawl around the home, only to place his hands in his mouth – chemicals, dirt, and all!

Well, here’s what we recommend: Swipe off any cloying stains or spills with a cloth that has been dampened with some window cleaning chemicals. Rub gently to ensure that the stains are fully removed, then run over that spot with a mop dipped in some soapy detergent to ensure that the chemical residues are fully removed from your floor. Voila! Now you can achieve both a stain-less and spot-free floor, along with a safe home that is still ideal for your toddler to do some exercise!