Laminate Wood

laminate wood

If you’re a new home owner, you’re probably wondering why all your friends and their cats have seemingly gotten into installing laminate wood flooring for their homes. And perhaps, you may even be contemplating whether you ought to jump in on the band wagon and opt for laminate wood flooring as well! Worry no more; we have the answer to your hesitance – yes, yes, yes!

Laminate wood has garnered much popularity among home owners in recent years. The obvious reason for this spike in laminate flooring pricing can probably be attributed to its cost savvy, along with its impressive functionality that makes the job of cleaning and maintenance so much easier for you! Ah, but that’s not all. Laminate wood also has the remarkable ability to give your home an instant edge of effortless style and sophistication. Don’t believe us? In this article, we’ll introduce you to a range of home design ideas that you can achieve with laminated flooring. We assure you that you’ll be wholly bowled over by how amazing laminate wood can be by the end of this article, and you’ll definitely be scrambling to call up your local laminate flooring supplier! Well? Don’t take our word for it – read on to find out!

Rustic home design

Do you dreams of escaping the hectic city life, and simply finding refuge in a small, cozy home by the countryside, where hassling deadlines and furious bosses will never find their way to you? Well, if so, opt for a rustic home complete with laminate floor to create the perfect stress-free and tranquil home environment of your dreams. You don’t necessarily need to retire just yet to attain that home of your dreams.

Rustic home designs are typically an ageless charm, where furniture primarily comprises of everything natural – namely leather, brick or wood. With a set of well-designed laminate wood that extend to every corner of your home, topped with a sleek leather couch and wall decor such as animal stuffing or eccentric paintings, you can easily attain a rustic home that is perfect for lapsing into comfort after a long day at work.

As such, if having a rustic home aesthetic is completely up your alley, then laminate wood are certainly a must-have! After all, those laminate wood are the very crux of a rustic home, and your home would definitely seem out of place without a good set of vinyl flooring to anchor down the pastoral and homely vibe.

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Traditional homes

Are you the straight-laced, rule-abiding sort who demands order in every aspect of your life, both at home and in the workplace? If so, then the traditional home design is ideal for you!

Traditional home decor is inspired by the design of real homes from old England, complete with mahogany tables, looming bookshelves, and yes you guessed it – laminate wood flooring! Well, in older times, real wood flooring would have been featured in these homes instead, but laminate wood is basically the modern world’s answer to better wooden floors that won’t rot, splinter, or worst – become feeding ground for a hoard of termites. Yikes!

With laminate flooring, you can be fully assured with knowing that you have the best of both worlds in the palm of your hands. Ease of maintenance, along with a timeless traditional charm. What’s not to like?

For deep colour laminate flooring to ensure that your floors match the rich, velvety palettes of your furniture and carpets. And there you have it – a traditional home design that most certainly looks like it was delivered fresh from old England! Sip on some Darjeeling, cross your legs poshly, and enjoy your new home design!

Modern chic

Ah, perhaps you’re the contemporary sort who loves his cars fast, cities tall, and a social life thrumming with excitement. Well if that’s the case, then a modern chic home is perfect for your new bachelor or bachelorette pad!

Modern chic homes typically follow a sophisticated colour theme of sleek grey, whites, and charcoals. Furniture is usually by odd angles and edgy aesthetics, topped off with eccentric wall hangings or paintings. Or perhaps, if you believe yourself to be anti-establishment, your wall fixtures may even comprise of framed quotes or quips. To complete the overall stylish and trendy vibe in your home, you only need laminate flooring pricing – seamless, glossy, and oh-so-versatile – to keep up with your ever-changing whims when it comes to furniture and wall decor.
In addition, vinyl flooring is pretty much the most fuss-free flooring that you’ll find on the market, and it’s truly perfect for the jet setting modern soul who’s always running out of time. After all, with vinyl flooring, you only need a quick mop every once a week, and you’ll be done with your household chores in no time, ready to attend the newest party!