Vinyl Flooring vs Laminate

vinyl flooring vs laminate

So you’ve always known, somewhere in the back of your mind, vinyl flooring vs laminate flooring for your new home, to create the aesthetic of a rustic, old-school cabin home. However, when it comes down to actual installation of those floors, you’re finding yourself a little confused. After all, while your heart is screaming at you to go get those vinyl flooring of your dreams, you’re realize that the rational side of you, along with your friends and family, is urging you to go for vinyl flooring instead!

Well, first and foremost – you’re certainly not along in this struggle. After all, when given a choice between vinyl flooring vs laminate wood, many home owners like yourselves face a huge dilemma as to the type of flooring to invest in.

If you’re one of these hesitant souls, this article is here for you! In this article, we’ll break down the various factors of comparison between vinyl flooring vs laminate flooring, and hopefully, convince you of the numerous perks that vinyl flooring can bring! Excited yet? Read on, and let’s get started!

Vinyl flooring

Firstly, let’s start off with a quick introduction on what vinyl flooring is. See the image above? Well, that glossy, smooth layer of flooring is vinyl flooring! vinyl flooring resembles real wood flooring, but in actuality are made of various layers of synthetic materials compressed together to form a unit. These synthetic layers often include waterproofing or scratch resistance, and the various benefits that such laminate vinyl flooring can bring to your home are the very reason why they are often termed the floors of the new age! Impressed? Well, you really ought to be!

Laminate flooring

Readers, say hi to these laminate flooring! If you’ve ever entertained lofty fairy tale dreams of owning a cottage home much like that belonging to Snow White and her seven dwarfs, then we say – installing these laminate wood would be a pretty good place to start! These wood flooring will definitely a sense of timeless tradition and sophistication within your home, and it’s certainly a good option for vintage lovers.

Well, now that you’ve gotten a brief introduction to both vinyl flooring vs laminate wood, let’s get down to the comparisons!

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Factor: Price

If you’re getting your home renovated and set up on a tight budget, then laminate flooring would undeniably win the fight. After all, laminate flooring is constructed of synthetic man-made materials, and they can be easily mass produced on the market to suit your needs. If you want to keep in line with your budget, you can simply opt for vinyl flooring without the additional benefits of scratch resistance or waterproofing, though you’ll simply have to contend with being hyper cautious all the time. Regardless, going for vinyl flooring is a good way to add in that oomph of style to your home without the heavy price tag attached.

Opting for vinyl flooring is likely to set your bank account back by quite a few digits, especially if you’re considering laying your entire home with these vinyl flooring!

Factor: Maintenance

Well, we’d hate to sound too biased, but really – vinyl flooring vs laminate wood in terms of ease of maintenance in a heartbeat.

While vinyl flooring often comes in standard versions with the inclusion of water proofing and scratch resistance, we’re terribly afraid the same cannot be said for laminated wood flooring. After all, additional costs have to be made for protective coats to be added to your genuine wood floors to ensure that any spills will not be an immediate hot spot for those ghastly termites. In addition, they often do not come with scratch resistance, and owning an ill-tempered cat in your home could potentially spell great trouble for your precious real wood floors!

In stark contrast, the waterproof and scratch resistant nature of laminate vinyl flooring will help to ensure that home owners like you pretty much don’t need to do anything for maintenance. Just a weekly mop or sweep will be sufficient to keep your laminated floor dirt free and clean! No worries about spills causing a potential pest disaster, or that yowling cat making a huge mess of your living room – nope, none of that at all!