Vinyl Flooring

vinyl flooring

If you’re a new home owner eager to start on those vinyl flooring and wall renovations for your newest abode, and create that paradise haven for yourself, thinking about the type of laminate flooring that you’d like for your home would certainly be a good place to start!

Well, like everyone else who lives in the 21st century, we have utmost confidence that you’ve probably done your research on the type of laminate flooring that you envision in your future home (courtesy of Google, of course)! Now that you’ve decided on the type of laminate flooring you’d like – for instance, laminate wood flooring, or stone ones – it’s time to consider whether you want normal laminate wood flooring or vinyl flooring.

We know, we know – all these talk about laminate flooring can be immensely confusing, particularly for everyday novices like you and I who barely have the slightest clue about the varying types of laminate flooring. Don’t get vexed just yet! This article is here to help you out. In this article, we’ll introduce you to the world of vinyl flooring – it’ll amaze you, we promise – as well as their defining features, and how to go about maintaining them. Intrigued? Let’s wait no longer, read on to find out more!

What is vinyl flooring

We’re positive you know what laminate flooring is – you wouldn’t be on this page if you hadn’t the slightest clue. If you love the concept of laminate flooring, you have our word that you’ll be completely bowled over by vinyl flooring!

Well, vinyl flooring was introduced only in recent years, as a more modern alternative to typical laminate flooring. Vinyl flooring comes in the form of planks or boards. In fact, vinyl flooring very much resembles authentic wooden planks! If you’re not an expert of this, we certainly have our money on the fact that you probably can’t tell the two apart next to each other (well, unless you scrutinize it inch by inch – we don’t want to exaggerate).

As such, vinyl flooring makes for a more authentic living experience! Ever wanted to live in a rustic tree house? Well, a tree house may be difficult to build and maintain, and we’re fairly certain that your government wouldn’t approve of it either way, but with the use of wood flooring, you can now create a home interior that resembles the aesthetic of a natural tree house. Bonus points: these vinyl flooring don’t come with splinters so you can most certainly sit down anywhere you’d like without the worry of landing some horrible wood splints in your bum!

Benefits of vinyl laminate flooring

Given that vinyl flooring is often seen as the new-age version of typical laminate wood flooring, surely it would come as no surprise that vinyl flooring is well-equipped with various types of benefits including scratch-resistance and waterproofing!

The flooring comes in various different forms. Depending on the price range of your selected vinyl flooring; your floors may be equipped with scratch-resistance or even waterproofing.

This should come as good news to home owners like ourselves. After all, having to bump-proof the legs of our sofa and tables is certainly a tiresome and boring chore. And the thought of having to replace those chair socks every month – what a chore! With these scratch resistant vinyl flooring, the very texture of your floors provides adequate support and protection from those ugly scratches without you having to take any additional steps.

Furthermore, with waterproofing in your flooring, you don’t have to scurry to get a wet rag to clean up any spills with the desperation of a starved man any longer! In fact, you can even have the luxury of finishing up your drink, before dealing with the mess. That being said, we strongly recommend cleaning up any spills within half an hour – you certainly don’t want to lure the ants out from their lair, this could bode trouble for your home. Plus, any spills left untouched for too long will definitely turn into stains in time. Your laminate flooring may be waterproof, but we never did give any indication of them being stain-proof!

Maintenance tips

Given that most types of vinyl flooring tend to be waterproof, this certainly makes maintenance and cleaning remarkably easy. Simply dampen a mop with some detergent, and go over the perimeters of your home to ensure that your house remains free of those niggling germs and bacteria that serve no real purpose other than to get your kids ill. Then, replace the detergent with some clean water, and simply give your floors a once-over, to remove any remnants of detergent or dirt. And there you have it! A fuss-free cleaning routine for your laminate vinyl flooring!

Are you convinced yet? Well, you really ought to be! Hesitate no longer; call up your local laminate flooring supplier for a quick quotation on vinyl flooring and you’ll be one step nearer to attaining that stylish home of your dreams!